Jumaat, September 18, 2009

Soul Fusion 3: Masih Ada Yang Sayang

On the 12th and the 13th, both me and Ayu had the wonderful opportunity to join in Soul Fusion 3 (Thanks to mr. Azwar and the Soul Fusion MTs for inviting us) which took place at SRPK Princess Elizabeth. Full of children who are in their own way exceptional. For those who aren't familiar with the school, it has the distinct responsibility of educating children with eyesight disability. I had a touching experience during Soul Fusion 2 and was looking forward to seeing the children again.

Being disabled does not make these children any less than the normal children out there, but special care and attention is required to help educate them and prepare them with the necessary skills to cope with the challenges of the real world waiting for them. My hats of to the teachers and staff there, their work is an amazing example of understanding and care.

As an observer, I didn't really have the particular details of the participates of the program or the number of facilitators involved, but giving an estimate, I'd say there were about 60+ children handled by a wonderful team of around 30 fasilitors and MTs from KLM.

I've done a few KPs and though I haven't had the opportunity to become a fasilitator, Soul Fusion has a special spot in my heart. Being around these chidren for those 2 days is indeed a unique and inspiring experience. Everything from the way they run through the hallways laughing to their attentive nature when listening to their abang and kakaks chatter on.

Thanks to a couple of wonderful individuals we managed to collect a small amount of donated money to liven up the day for those children. With the money, two huge cakes were bought to bring a bit of excitiement to the bithday celebrations held for the children (and KLM team members) that happen to have their birthdays in that particular month. Not forgetting Azwar's and Ayu's awesome Sirap Bandung that night! Haha... And judging from the racket and laughter that night, everyone had a blast.

As all KPs, the program was filled with LDKs. I walked around, slipping in LDKs just to see how the facilitators were spending time with the children and stealing a chance to personally know them. One thing for sure, the lack of eyesight wont stop any of these kids from being naughty! There were more than a few cases of monkey like acrobatics from them and like any other children they were easily distracted, wanting more to play than anything else. I could see the facilitators patience being tested, but they always managed to smile through it and slowly the kids started to get attached to their new abang and kakaks.

The next day it was time to say goodbye, and the program ended with great closing ceremony which was impressively smooth. The program song was equally heartwarming especially when the whole hall sang in unison. Even now the tune of Laskar Pelangi sticks in my head, and I only need to listen to the song to remind me of the faces I had the wonderful chance of meeting and hopefully see again. Can't wait for Soul Fusion 4. (^_^)

-- Nadzrul

6 ulasan:

noor afzan berkata...

belum berkesempatan tuk join lagi soul fusion..

zairi baharom berkata...

inilah tempatnye yg mampu mengubah & melembutkan hati seseorg, utk menyedarkn betapa bertuah & bersyukurnya kita yg serba lengkap ini..tempat ini & pgm ini, mmg terbaik!!yeay!!

Nadzrul berkata...

Program ni mmg memberi pengalaman unik. Takpe next time kalo ada peluang pegilah melawat.

nor ain berkata...

tak sempat2 nk baca betul2 post dia ni.. huhu.. but feel ada.. huhu.. even merasa SF yang pertama je, malah merasa pn dlm persediaan program tapi tidak pada hari program tu sendiri, KESAN PADA HATI ITU ADA, DAN KEKAL...

hope adik2 tu tabah hadapi ujian hidup, dan hope kita dapat melihat hidup ni dengan lebih 'mata'

Batu Bata berkata...

Nicely put

ayen =D berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.


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